D.S. & Durga’s New Manhattan Perfume Boutique Has a Scent—and a Song—for Every Lover

Why did a brand born of the Brooklyn makers’ movement plant its flag across the river? “New York is eternal,” says David of the island’s pull. “We want to be downtown, in the heart of it.” Kavi, who previously worked as an architect, teamed up with the firm K&Co to oversee the design, with support from Pliskin Architecture. There are brutalist furnishings—including a suspended slab of poured concrete serving as a desk—and shape-shifting elements. Everything from the glowing colored lights to the labored-over playlists can be tuned to evoke the mood of a given perfume, and they plan to animate the space with monthly events. (Don’t be surprised to see a transplanted Nantucket inside the shop come summer, in homage to the salt-streaked Rose Atlantic perfume, which will soon be offered as body products as well.)