This renovation of the former Vault Suites, renamed for the sponsor, “The Billboard Lounge,” is an elegant lounge space to be enjoyed during events. Entry is exclusive, but those who find their way here are able to drink, lounge and dine in an environment away from the crowds in the main arena. Equipped with a DJ booth and banquettes that transform into an intimate stage, the Billboard Lounge lives up to its name by providing an exclusive experience to enjoy music programming. The Lounge was opened last September with a private performance by Madonna during her Rebel Heart Tour. We worked with Billboard Magazine to create custom furniture and touch points to make sure the space conveyed the content and lifestyle the magazine tries to capture. The entry logo acts as a step and repeat for guests to post to social media. Custom double decker coffee tables allow for the magazine to be displayed through the glass without the danger of cocktail spills. Six custom poster frames display the current magazine issues and were designed to allow for easy switch out every few weeks. The wallpaper backdrop uses the Billboard logo to create a detail moment that the guest only notices up-close. All of this is supported by the sinuous banquettes upholstered in 3 discordant colors of pink, rose, and red that create pockets for small and large groups alike to collect.


Brooklyn, NY