The Brooklyn fragrance house D.S. & DURGA engaged K&CO to design their first brick-and-mortar flagship store in the heart of Nolita, on the corner of Mulberry and Prince. Inspired by the brand’s authentic and edgy vibe, K&CO endeavored to visualize their unfiltered and punk rock attitude. 

The brand already had an established identity, but not an official physical home, aside from a pocket-sized storefront that was used as David’s studio. We very much wanted the design of this space to be a collaboration with D.S. & DURGA, it was important that the space to feel sophisticated yet raw and no one does that better than as Kavi & David. The collaboration was natural, as Kavi and Krista were long lost high school classmates. Kavi was an ideal client since she studied architecture at Sci -Arc, this made the process quite fluid.

The 600 square foot warm grey space evokes an art gallery – the ideal backdrop for D.S. & DURGA’s green, gold and amber products. Custom board-formed concrete masses and slick, glossy-black details provide accents to the otherwise restrained environment. 

Playing on David’s love for music, a recessed tube light wall can be DJ-ed – The wall the design team lovingly dubbed “the Synesthesia Wall” uses a 48-channel sound mixer to accurately adjust the color and intensity. One can enhance the mood of any given scent. This feature will be used when activating the store for its upcoming monthly events.