The Greenpoint Sales Office

As the interior designer of The Greenpoint, we scripted the experience at the nearby condo sales office. We designed the space to reflect details of the neighborhood with the materiality of the then under-construction building. Details include: styling objects within the main entry space that were procured from neighborhood shops, a reception desk that was modeled on the actual reception desk for the main project’s lobby yet doubled as a coffee bar similar to those dotted around the area, and a green wall that acted as a backdrop to the main project’s site model and represented the new park being installed on the waterfront as part of the site’s development.

As you slip past the video wall you encounter objects, furniture, lighting, and materials that we have put on display and will reuse in the amenities spaces of the main building. As you pass into the space representative of the coworking lounge amenity, we provided a work table to store and display material trays that describe the main building finishes.

Continuing the journey, you encounter a mock-up kitchen, bathroom, and living room complete with a piece of the window wall overlooking a mural of the skyline views The Greenpoint will enjoy. Even the functional restrooms for the visitors and staff were designed with the same finishes and fixtures as the secondary restrooms in the units. This space was designed for both individual tours as well as promotional events and parties.


Brooklyn, NY