Manhattan Park Pool Party

Manhattan Park Pool Club’s summer 2015 pop-up redesign, dubbed MP Pool Party, is a recently completed temporary installation in an old pool facility on Roosevelt Island.

While working on renovations of the larger postmodern apartment complex, we became transfixed with the pool. The design was uninspired, and the furniture was outdated, something that was supposed to be a joyous summertime amenity to the residents was dismal. Yet the siting of the pool had spectacular views of the river and Manhattan with the promise to be so much more. We convinced the client to provide a modest budget so that they could experiment with simple, almost DIY ideas to transform the space into a celebration of summer. The result is an annual pop-up installation which includes: lounge chairs, hammocks, festoon lighting, beachy drapes, and the most ambitious: an 8,000 sq ft. rainbow mural. The concept is that this mural will be a temporary installation that is changed every Spring to celebrate the upcoming Summer. The mural enjoyed from the ground as well as from above in the adjacent apartment towers, will be awarded as a commission every year to a new artist to be selected by us.


New York ,NY